Ceramic Coating

a long lasting layer of protection

Our company specializes in polymer and film based automotive protection. We are on the forefront of ceramic coating installs and have been from the time we have opened our company.

Unlike film-based wraps ceramic coatings are compounds that seep in to various cracks and imperfections of car paint and harden to provide years of hardened protection from various threats. If properly applied ceramic coatings will not wash away from cleaning or the elements of the weather and will last for many years or even a lifetime – repelling water, dirt, and scratches. Not only that, many ceramic coatings are hydrophobic and wick away rain and muddy splashes of water with absolute ease, making cleaning and keeping your vehicle sharp and clean a breeze. Our thorough prep and application resulting in a great looking and long lasting coating that brings out the beauty of the car’s underlying paint job. Our specialized tools and install shop environment allows us to perform a flawless and long lasting application.

If you’re interested in getting a ceramic coating installed on your vehicle do not stall and contact our full-service wrap shop. Every moment that passes is a moment that your vehicle is at preventable risk of scratches and scrapes. We look forward to provide you with personalized answers to your questions, do not hesitate to contact us at (510) 671-0341 or via our contact form.