Protect Your Paint

with clear film wraps

Paint protection films cover your standard car paint thereby protecting it from scratches, weather, acidic droppings, and various pollutants. It helps maintain the investment on your vehicle and leaves you with peace of mind.

Benefits of paint protection film wraps:

  • Protects from scratches
  • Guards against rough weather
  • Barrier from acidic bird droppings
  • Defends vs pollutants
  • Negates abrasions (keys, clothes)

In recent years paint protection film application has caught on and even auto dealerships are offering with huge markups it as accessory options on new car sales and as custom parts. Unlike a limited dealership application our wrapping company provide pain protection film applications in all areas of the vehicle, in custom configurations, or full-body wraps. Make your money go the extra mile and spend it with a small, local, Bay Area business and you will get a better deal and product in return.

Maintain the elegance of a beautiful paint job for many years, paint-protection will help your paint maintain its original luster. Our vehicle wrapping background and experience coupled with professional precision printing and cutting instruments will ensure each paint protection wrap is custom fitted and expertly applied to ensure the long lasting defense of your vehicle’s aesthetic.

Take a look at some of the clear paint protective films we’ve applied for our clients and notice a flawless and bubble-free application which will protect the underlying paint-job for years to come. An investment is worth protecting, contact us to get an estimate on paint protection.